Full History of No 4 Squadron.

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Full History of No 4 Squadron.

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Manned heavier than air flight was barely seven years old when the British Army began to take serious note of the possibilities and advantages of an air arm. For some years various officers had been involved in the "sport" of flying, but by 1910, with the pastime strongly established, some came to see the aeroplane as something more than a toy.

During the autumn manoeuvres of 1910 on Salisbury Plain, the first experiments into scouting and observation by aeroplanes were carried out, and eventually the Air Battalion of the Royal Engineers was formed on 1 April 1911. The Battalion consisted of the Headquarters and No. 1 (Airship) Coy at Farnborough, with No. 2 (Aeroplane) Coy at Larkhill.

Eventually however, the Air Battalion was disbanded, and the Royal Flying Corps was formed in its stead. Under the command of Brigadier General David Henderson, the RFC was a small unit, and was not intended to become the efficient air arm into which it evolved.

Formed on 13 May 1912, the RFC was composed of a Military Wing, a Naval Wing and a Central Flying School (up until then, all pilots had paid for their own flying tuition at Brooklands). Command of the Military wing was given to Captain F.H. Sykes, with the first adjutant being Lt B.H. Barrington-Kennett of the Grenadier Guards. The two Companies of the Air Battalion became "squadrons" in the new jargon of the RFC. The Airship Coy became No. 1 Squadron, and the Aeroplane Coy became No. 3 Sqn. No. 2 Sqn was formed from a nucleus of aeroplane pilots attached to the Airship Coy.

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