History of No.3 Squadron, AFC, RAAF.

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History of No.3 Squadron, AFC, RAAF.

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Our story begins with 18 officers and 230 airmen who had been assembled at the Australian Imperial Forces camp next to the Central Flying School at Point Cook in Victoria, Australia. It was September, 1916 and already the War in Europe had been raging for almost two years. The men were a mixture; some were Army men who'd completed instruction courses at either Central Flying School or Wireless School. Many were civilians with previous flying experience. But they'd all volunteered to fight overseas with this newly formed Squadron, which at this embryonic stage had been designated to be 2 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps simply because it was the second Squadron to be formed in Australia.

On the 25th of October 1916, after only minimum basic training, these young men - most in their early twenties - sailed on the S.S. Ulysses from Port Melbourne bound for England to complete their training.

After travelling around the Cape and through Durban and Freetown, the Ulysses convoy was delayed because of enemy submarines. It finally took nine weeks for the Squadron to reach Devonport, England. Christmas 1916 was spent on board but New Year's Day, 1917 saw the Squadron settling in at an aerodrome in South Carlton, near Lincoln where they were to spend the next eight months learning how to fly aircraft, operate as a reconnaissance squadron and practice the principles of aerial combat.

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