Dornier DO 22.

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Dornier DO 22.

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Type Torpedo-bomber and reconnaissance seaplane

Manufacturer Dornier Flugzeugwerke

Maiden flight 1935

Produced 1938-1939

Number built 31

The Dornier Do 22 was a German seaplane developed in the 1930s. Its exceptional performance for the period made the fact that it was built entirely for the export market somewhat peculiar. Production aircraft never flew with German markings, though the prototype did. This Dornier was a three-seat torpedo bomber/reconnaissance seaplane, with a single parasol wing. The prototype and most of the production aircraft were in the seaplane configuration, though there was a land plane configuration developed as well. While the prototype was flown in 1935, the first production model did not fly until 15 July 1938. In March 1938 a prototype with conventional landing gear (L Model) was completed and test flown. There were a total of 31 airframes built.

It was built in Dornier factories in both Germany and Switzerland, with aircraft then being sold to Yugoslavia (12), Greece (also 12) and Finland (4).

The first deliveries of the Do-22K, twelve aircraft, went to Yugoslavia in 1938. Greece and Latvia were the other original customers, but Latvia was never destined to see theirs before being 'absorbed' by the Soviet Union. Four aircraft originally intended for Latvia were sent to Finland by the German government.

During the German invasion of the Balkans of 1941, the Greek Do 22s were destroyed, but the crews of eight of the Yugoslav machines successfully evaded capture or destruction by fleeing to Egypt. There they flew under the control of the RAF until the lack of spare parts made them unusable.


Do 22Kg

Export version for Greece.

Do 22Kj

Export version for Yugoslavia.

Do 22Kl

Export version for Latvia (Finland).

Do 22L

Land-based aircraft, fitted with a conventional landing gear. One prototype only. ... o/4653.htm ... rddo22.htm
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