U-1 class (1906)

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U-1 class (1906)

Berichtdoor Typhoon » 23 jan 2009, 15:39

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U- 1 (4 August 1906), [Austria-Hungary]—U- 3 (20 August 1908), U- 4 (20 November 1908)

Builder: Germania

Displacement: 238 tons (surfaced), 283 tons (submerged)

Dimensions: 138990 x 12960 x 10960

Machinery: 2 Körting kerosene engines, 2 electric motors, 2 shafts. 400 bhp/400 shp = 10.75/8.75 knots (Austrian boats: 600 bhp/320 shp = 12/8.5 knots)

Range: 1500 nm at 10 knots surfaced, 50 nm at 5 knots submerged (Austrian boats: 40 nm at 3 knots submerged)

Armament: 1 (Austrian boats: 2) x 450mm torpedo tube(s), total 3 torpedoes

Complement: 18

Notes: This class was a modest enlargement of D'Equevilley- Montjustin’s previous double-hull design. The U- 1 operated primarily as a trials and training vessel. It was stricken in 1919, purchased by Krupp, and donated to the Deutsches Museum in Munich for exhibit. The Austro- Hungarian boats were modified with fixed aft planes and no planes at the bow. They served extensively during World War I. The U- 3 was sunk by the French destroyer Bisson on 13 August 1915 after an abortive attack on the Italian armed merchant cruiser Citta di Catania. The U- 4 sank the Italian armored cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi on 18 July 1915. It was ceded to France at the end of the war and scrapped in 1920.
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Re: U-1 class (1906)

Berichtdoor Tandorini » 24 jan 2009, 10:27

Foto's van de U-1 in het Deutches Museum te Munchen.

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