Sicily--Italy Landings

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Sicily--Italy Landings

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CASABLANCA MEETING IN JANUARY 1943 In January 1943, President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill, with the Combined Chiefs of Staff, met at Casablanca. "It was then apparent," General Marshall's Report to the Secretary of War stated, "that our North African operation was to be successful, even beyond original calculations, Tunisia was a lure into which the German command continued to pour great quantities of men and materiel, commitments that were certain to be disastrous for the enemy once the winter rains ceased and the low clouds over the Sicilian Strait cleared, in the face of overwhelming Allied superiority on the sea and in the air. At the conclusion of the North African campaign, enemy killed and captured numbered 349,306 Italian and German troops, and there had been captured or destroyed on land alone nearly 200,000 tons of enemy materiel."

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NEC JACTANTIA NEC METU ("zonder woorden, zonder vrees")

Avatar:De Siciliaanse vlag,oorspronkelijk uit 1282,de triskelion (trinacria) in het midden,is van oorsprong een oud Keltisch zonnesymbool.

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