Belgian cavalrymen against German infantry

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Belgian cavalrymen against German infantry

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A skirmish between Belgian Guides and German Leibgrenadiere
on the 17th of August 1914,
nearby the village of Zepperen, Sint-Truiden (Belgium)

Tension got high, those first days after the German ultimatum. Even in the village of Zepperen on the northeastern border of the town of Sint-Truiden in the Flemish part of Belgium. People were outraged by the German threat to invade Belgium, thus violating the neutrality of this little country guaranteed by the great European nations. On August 1th, the young men in Zepperen were mobilised and traveled by train towards their garrisons. Some of them saw it as an exciting adventure. All of them forgot the little quarrels and everyone was in a very patriotic mood. Don't forget that Belgium had not known any hostilities for as many as eighty years. Being in war was an unusual feeling. But when the fresh soldiers saw the railway-bridges and some houses blown up by the Belgian Army as a precaution measure to obstruct the German troop movements, their excitement changed into concern and fear. When these reservists were ordered to sharpen their bayonets, they realised that things got very serious indeed !

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